Sirma Business Consulting launches an innovative project in Trinidad and Tobago

17 sep 2015

Sirma Business Consulting will build a platform for e-banking in the Caribbean. The project is being implemented in TECU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited in Trinidad and Tobago. Along with the platform in the credit institution the company will hold consultations and in the implementation of the core banking system FlexCube.

Although it is an unknown destination, Trinidad and Tobago is a country with considerable resources and well-developed economy, heavily influenced by the oil industry, tourism and manufacturing. Economic growth is driven by the production of oil and steel, as in the past six years the country has become a major exporter of liquefied natural gas to the United States.

In recent years, Trinidad and Tobago have also been recognized as a regional financial center and the dynamic financial system constantly introduces new technology products and innovations. The client of SirmaBC, TECU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited, is the most innovative and thriving institution on the Caribbean island, which operates more than 60 years and is today distinguished by its innovative products for lending to citizens and leasing.

The project will include a complete replacement of the information systems of the credit institution. SirmaBC will be subcontractor and consultant for the implementation of the core banking system FlexCube, but the main focus for the company will be to build a new, modern electronic platform/portal for lending and financial operations. It includes many new features that will enable end users to operate with their money, but also to use multiple products to apply for credit and obtain insurance.

The electronic platform will be built entirely of new technologies that allow flexibility both in development and in setting up and operating applications by its customers. This project will be based on Spring, Hibernate and Bootstrap, which have many advantages in the construction of individual modules, separating the various components of the functionality shared by the company.

Important advantages of the system are that it can be placed on any JEE container without specific requirements – Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, etc .; Database can be used by any reliable relational database available JDBC driver – Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgre, etc; The user interface is flexible and takes into account the screen size of the customer – laptop, tablet or smartphone. All users will receive intuitive interface depending on the size of your screen. The platform will have a customer web portal and applications for the most popular mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

The project will start in September 2016 and should be completed within 18 months.

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