Sirma Business Consulting updates their Card Management System SCARDS

06 apr 2015

Sirma Business Consulting “JSC (SirmaBC) released an updated version of the well-known card management system "SCARDS" in order to meet the individual requirements of its customers, as well as evolving provisions and rising standards of financial markets.

The new SCARDS expands the potential customer base. It includes new opportunities, allowing card products to be offered by insurance, pension and health insurance companies. The new upgrade of the card system offers many improvements and features for banks, enabling them to enlarge the number of benefits for its customers, transaction processing and management of card products.

Complementary to most used types of debit and credit cards, the system provides an opportunity to define a variety of prepaid cards, with all the complexity and diversity of their management and opportunities for activation and loading.

The new upgrade of SCARDS empowers cards users to create portfolios of several credit cards, regardless the different tariffs in between. Another feature is also added – easy and fast definition of bonus points, reporting system of collecting points for time, transactions, and amounts, as well as opportunities for multi-rate and multi-currency operations in various card products. The new functionality for calendar and duration of tariffs, and charging conditions, provides a significant advantage of SCARD users.

SCARD enables real time monitoring of fees. Financial institutions receive a powerful tool for management of charges, offering its customers and traders unlimited possibilities for setting preferences and terms of charging. In addition, the system provides a flexible approach and options to set an automated calculation of “Interchange fee” in the best conditions for the bank.

The system ensures timely notification to customers and employees, to receive in convenient way information on all card transactions, and other events that may occur, in order to prevent bank frauds. The renewed SCARDS is 3D protected, which allows online shopping at the highest level of security.

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