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  • Multilevel architecture
  • Independent from DB, Application server
  • Cross device web interface
  • Multi-functionality
  • Multilanguage
  • Multilevel of Security
  • Unified DWH database from multiple systems
  • Generates all necessary reports and adjoining forms compliant with ECB requirements
  • Ensures history log of all data, changes, settings and reports
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Predefined interfaces to Oracle FlexCube


Continuous operating mode of the system


Available to the user administration via Web-based client interface, providing option to maintain nomenclature values, edit reports, define and modify settings


Unification of information needed for the reports generation in the required form


Convenient user interface


Single panel access to all modules


Unified Banking extension upon regulation 575 of European Central Bank

  • Data merging into a common information pool for the purposes of reporting under the requirements of Regulation 575 of 2013 and concomitant reports
  • Data control during ETL processing – logical validation control
  • Data validation after consolidation and transformation stage – data storage into reporting tables with optimal set of details, as required for direct generation of ECB report 
  • Visualization of errors and data adjustments
  • Consistency validation between the different reporting forms
  • Module-oriented reports visualization

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