UBX Authority

A system for online authorization of card transactions


  • Multilevel architecture
  • Independent from DB, Application server
  • Cross device web interface
  • Multi-functionality
  • Multilanguage
  • Multilevel of Security
  • Solution for managing the process of initial processing and authorization of payments made with debit local and international debit and credit cards
  • Real time transaction processing
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Predefined interfaces to Oracle FlexCube


Continuous operating mode of the system


Parameterized system - flexible implementation of new services according to the business requirements of the Bank


Transaction-oriented system - traceability of processing. Transactions can be grouped and summarized by various criteria


Convenient user interface


Unique and innovative functionality


Online authorizations of card transactions

  • Processing of transactions performed with VISA, MasterCard and other various banking cards;
  • System’s Information module provides data and reports for set periods, such as authorizations, authorization status, statistical information 
  • System’s Administration module ensures and manages the parameters, valid for the entire system – channels, accounts, registering of account channels (the channels via which the account will be accessed), registering of account services


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