Regulatory reporting upon the supervisory framework of the local regulator BNB and the macro framework of prudential requirements for credit institutions under Regulation 575 of the EU.
The processing and storage of data is provided by merging the data into a common information pool. The generation of each report uses the respective unified data, which ensures the consistency between the reports.
None are needed. The ETL process and the generation of the reports are fully automated through easily accessible user-friendly web-based interface. There are user manuals for every type of user – administration, security policy and end users’ manual.
Yes, it does! The system has a specially developed module “Security policy” providing an opportunity to define different types of access by setting user rights, roles and types of users. Each report and the parameterized screens work with the functionality „audit trail” – a log with IP identification of the user.
Yes, we provide timely updates when changes in the legislation occur, as well as methodological advice regarding applying these changes.
Internet Banking is a tool that allows you to use a personal computer with an Internet connection to conduct your banking online.
You can view account balances and transaction history, transfer money and much more.
Your account information is online.
You can access your checking, savings, investment and loan accounts from the Internet banking service. Our Internet Banking Product is intended to give you as much access, security, and versatility as possible.
Internet banking supports downloads to excel, xml and comma-delimited text file.
Yes, you may schedule transfers between your accounts with the bank to occur on a future date.
With Internet banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Payment Portal has interfaces for connecting with SEPA, BISERA7, BISERA6, RINGS, SWIFT and SEBRA.
The system supports the entire life cycle of all types of messages in the following payment systems SEPA, BISERA7, BISERA6, RINGS, SWIFT and SEBRA.
The system supports extraction and upload of a package of payment instructions performed message by message through standard formats SWIFT, ISO 20022 and Custom format.
SCARDS has interfaces with BORICA, MasterCard and VISA.
The system has integrated modules for taxes/bonuses supporting a flexible system for setting various schemes for taxes and bonuses.
SCARDS supports ATM and POS devices – automatic registration and attributes updates in BORICA register.
UBX Distraints centralizes the processes associated with processing of distraint orders, as well as maintains records of these orders, the actions taken upon these orders and official letters sent by the bank to the institutions.
The system begins with registration of the distraint/inquiry. Then performs actions related to processing of the distraint order such as blocking, unblocking, payment. Afterwards the system generates a response of the distraint order/inquiry.
Yes, it does! The system is integrated with the core banking system, which allows automated process of customer information, accounts, balances and performing payments. UBX Distraints also provides clear defining of the stages for processing of a distraint order, monitoring and control of the stages of processing, defining access rights and user roles, registering of users with information regarding the users extracted from Active Directory (AD), centralized database (Register of distraint orders and inquiries), history of the performed actions and archival of all documents regarding a distraint case, as well as background information for analysis and tracking of performed actions.
The system implements protocol ISO 8583 for Host-to-Host authorization with the whole range of messages МТ100 , МТ110 ,МТ120,МТ121, МТ130,МТ131,МТ420 , МТ421 , МТ430,МТ431 , МТ800 , МТ810.
The system constantly maintains up to date copy of the balances on card accounts and authorizes from a reserve backup when the CBS is not available.
UBX Authority supports communication protocol with BORICA based on ISO 8583 standard through which the card can be blocked/unblocked in real time.
The basic functional modules of the system are 1) Registering of a new lawsuit and further processing, 2) Registering of a new executive case and further processing, 3) Archival and search of a registered lawsuit/case.
The third module of the system allows archival, search, preview and further processing of the registered in the system lawsuits and executive cases.
UBX Direct is a reliable and extendable framework for sending various type of messages to the intended recipients. The system generates events, subscriptions, message templates, messages and notifications.
The new version of the system has an improved user interface, multiple new message templates have been added, embedded security, generation of error reports, possibility for the sent messages to be reviewed, better extensibility and much more.
Streamline supports Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management.
Yes, Streamline supports hierarchic database of solutions to occurred incidents/problems that allows the end users to find answers to their questions without having to make a request to the help desk.

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